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Hello, avid reader and lover of literary magic! We're excited to introduce you to our exciting Subscription Packs, each designed to quench your thirst for magical adventures and captivating stories. Ready to embark on this literary journey with us? Discover The Mage, The Witch and The Sorcerer - three levels that will take you to an enchanted world each month!

1 - Level 1 The Mage: Unleash the Power of Imagination

If you want to explore a magical universe, The Mage is the perfect choice for you. In this level, you can choose a book from a carefully chosen selection, and the fun doesn't end there! Charming surprises will be included along with your book, making the experience even more special. Let yourself be carried away by the stories and open doors to a world full of mysteries!

2 - Level 2 - The Witch: Delve deeper into the Realm of Fantasy

For adventurers who want to delve further into the world of magic, The Witch is the ideal level. Here, you can choose two books from our thematic list of the month, and to make your journey even more exciting, you'll receive an extra surprise, not included in level 1. Solve riddles, defy reality and indulge in exciting plots that They will stimulate your imagination.

3 - Level 3 -The Sorcerer: Master the Power of Books

If you are a true reading master, The Sorcerer offers you a complete literary experience! Choose three books from the thematic list of the month and enjoy additional surprises that will make your immersion in the literary world even more magical. Discover new dimensions, meet unforgettable heroes and uncover magical secrets!

Month of September - Registration Open until September 5th!

Exceptionally for the September package, being the store opening season, registration will be open until the 5th. The packages will be immediately sent after that deadline so that you can enjoy your magical readings until the 10th of September. Any registration made after September 10th will be for the next package in the following month.

From September onwards, registrations or single purchases will be made by the 20th of each month to receive the following month's package by the 5th.

Themes for the next 3 months

Month of September - Of Adventures and Fae

  • An Enchantment of Ravens
  • Tale of stars and shadows
  • An Heir comes to Rise

Month of October - Witch Clan

  • Unmarked Witch
  • Black Witch
  • Mind over Magic
  • Serpent&Dove

Month of November - Court of Dragons


  • The Fourth Wing
  • Fireborne
  • Eragon
  • fire heart

Awaken Your Literary Power and Join Us!

Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a magical journey with our Subscription Packages! Choose your magic level and become part of our community of enchanted readers. Free your imagination, delve deeper into fantasy and master the power of books!

Join us and discover a world of literary magic waiting to be explored. Sign up now and embark on this enchanted adventure!

Happy Reading


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