Era uma vez _ A herança do Romantismo

Once upon a time _ The heritage of Romanticism

Today, let's travel back in time together, going back to a time when the world of literature yearned for an escape from the age of reason and formula. It is in this context that Romanticism emerges, a literary movement that enchanted hearts and bequeathed us an eternal legacy,

In an era when reason and reasoning dominated minds, an emerging literary movement began to flourish, seeking refuge from the logical world and the rigidity of formulas.

Romanticism emerged in the late 18th century as a response to the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment, which emphasized scientific progress and reason as pillars of human knowledge. Romantic writers felt the need to escape the shackles of logical thinking and embrace imagination, nature and feeling as sources of inspiration.

At that time, the stories began to take on a life of their own, exploring mysticism, the unknown and the supernatural. Emotions gained prominence, and love, passion and desire were portrayed in a more intense and true way. The search for the sublime and the desire to transcend the everyday led the romantics to explore themes such as nature, solitude, destiny and mortality.

The word "Romance" was used to designate narratives of adventure and heroism, with an emphasis on courtly love and epic journeys. Over time, this term evolved and began to encompass stories that praised the love and passion between characters, even if they did not have an epic setting.

This is how fairy tales, with their princesses, enchanted princes and happy endings, found their place in the Fantasy Romance category.

Through Romanticism, literature became a more subjective and emotional artistic expression, allowing readers to immerse themselves in deep and captivating stories that transported them beyond time and space.

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