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Bringing Magic in Book Form: Unmissable Upcoming Releases!

Mítica Books is pleased to announce two epic releases that will delight lovers of fantastic literature. Get ready to dive into new worlds filled with mystery, magic and adventure!

1. A Curse for True Love - The End of the Triology by Stephanie Garber - October 24th 📖

Get ready for the thrilling conclusion to the trilogy that captivated us from page one. A Curse for True Love promises to take us on a final journey through the enchanted realm of Nocte Neverending. Secrets will be revealed, destinies will be sealed, and true love will face its most powerful curse.

And as Mítica Books loves to celebrate releases, each pre-order of this book will come with a personalized invitation to Nocte Neverending, a touch of magic that you will only find with us.

2. Iron Flame - Fourth Wing's Most Anticipated Book - November 7th 📚

An adventure you won't want to miss! Iron Flame is the burning flame that will bring warmth to your heart this fall. Acclaimed author Rebecca Yarros transports us into the captivating world of the Fourth Wing, where dragons, mysteries and passionate passions intertwine.

To make this experience even more memorable, each Iron Flame pre-order will include an exclusive dragon pin, so you can take a piece of this magical realm with you.

At Mítica Books, we celebrate the magic of reading and new beginnings. Get ready to embark on these exciting adventures and reserve your copy now with the special gifts we've prepared for you.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of these incredible stories. Keep an eye on our social media and our online store to secure your copies and collect these literary treasures!

Until then, prepare to get lost in the pages of these magical tales. The magic awaits you!

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