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Crescent City ENG - House of Sky and Breath - Book 2

Crescent City ENG - House of Sky and Breath - Book 2

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Crescent City Book 2

      Disclaimer: The images shown are digital mockups of the edges. The edges are hand painted and may not look exactly like the images shown

      Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar try to return to normalcy. They managed to save the City of the Crescent Moon, but, with so much turmoil around them, what they want most is to rest, relax... and discover what the future holds for them. The Asteri kept their promise and left Bryce and Hunt alone. However, the danger is imminent. Drawn into a rebel movement they don't want to join, Bryce, Hunt and their friends are forced to face the sinister asteri - who, whatever the cost, they need to get past... .

      Author: Sarah J. Maas

      Format Physical - hardcover

      Language English

      Eng Publication Date

      February 2022

      ENG Editor

      Bloomsbury (hardcover)

      Gender Fantasy Romance, Adult, Fae,

      ISBN ENG

      • 9781408884423

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