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Finale - Book 3 of the Caraval Trilogy

Finale - Book 3 of the Caraval Trilogy

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Book 3 of the Caraval Trilogy

A love worth fighting for.
A dream worth dying for.
An ending worth reading.
Two months have passed since the Warlocks were freed from the Deck of Fate. Two months since Legend claimed the throne for himself. Two months since Tella discovered that the boy she fell in love with, after all, doesn't exist.

When lives, empires and hearts are at stake, Tella must make a decision: trust Legend or an old enemy. Scarlett, on the other hand, upon discovering a secret that will change her life forever, finds herself forced to do the impossible. And Legend has to make a decision that could completely change what Scarlett has to do and that the network will end forever.

Caraval is over, but perhaps the greatest of games is just beginning. This time, there is no audience. This time, in this immense arena of destiny, luck and misfortune, there are only those who will be winners and those who will lose - everything.

Welcome to Finale , the third and final book in the international bestselling Caraval series .

Author: Stephanie Garber

Format Physical - Softcover

Language Portuguese

PT Publication Date

August 2022

PT Editor


Gender Romance Fantasy, Young Adult, magic, mystery, short stories, ballads, game


  • 9789722369688

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