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Legendary - Book 2 of the Caraval Trilogy

Legendary - Book 2 of the Caraval Trilogy

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Book 2 of the Caraval Trilogy

This year's Caraval has concluded. Tella is safe and sound, much to the relief of Scarlett, her older sister. But Tella has secrets she can't tell him, like what she promised in exchange for her sisters' invitations to Caraval. Secrets about the person to whom he made these promises. And secrets about Julian, the Caraval player who won Scarlett's heart.
Even though she is afraid of revealing the truth to those who love her most, Tella decides to go with Caraval's troupe to Valenda, the capital of the Empire, to find the mysterious correspondent who has to fulfill what she promised . But, in the nights leading up to Elantine's Day - a combination of a masquerade ball, a jubilee and an illusion - you can't trust... anyone.
Welcome to Caraval. The game has just started.

Author: Stephanie Garber

Format Physical - Softcover

Language Portuguese

PT Publication Date

November 2021

PT Editor


Gender Romance Fantasy, Young Adult, magic, mystery, short stories, ballads, game


  • 9789722368087

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