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Mother of Death and Dawn - Book 3 of War of Lost Hearts

Mother of Death and Dawn - Book 3 of War of Lost Hearts

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Tell me, little butterfly, what would you do for love?

Following a crushing defeat, Tisaanah and Maxatarius were separated. Tisaanah is desperate to rescue Max from his prison, even as her people's fight for freedom becomes more treacherous. But within the walls of Ilyzath, Max's mind is a shadow of its former self... leaving his past a mystery and his future at the mercy of Ara's ruthless new queen.

Meanwhile, in the lands of the Fey, Aefe has been dragged back to this world by a king who promises to destroy civilizations in her name. But even when her past comes back to claim her, her old self is a stranger.

Tisaanah, Max and Aefe are thrust into the center of a cataclysm between the human and Fey worlds. The unique magic they share is the key to winning the war or ending it.

But this power requires sacrifices. Tisaanah may be forced to choose between love and duty. Max cannot forge his future without confronting his past. And Aefe must decide between reclaiming who she was, or embracing who she has become.

The choices they make will reshape this world forever... or end it...

Author: Carissa Broadbent

Format Physical - Hardcover
Number of pages 720
Language English
Publication date

8 February 2022

Editor Self-publishing
Gender Fantasy Romance, Young Adult, magic, wizards, sorcerers, fae
ISBN 9780998461977

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