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Spectacular Pre-order - Novel from the Caraval trilogy

Spectacular Pre-order - Novel from the Caraval trilogy

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Published on October 22, 2024

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The snowflakes are falling.
The invitations are arriving.
And holiday magic is swirling in the capital of the Meridian Empire.

It's the day before the Great Holiday. Scarlett Dragna is planning a spectacular holiday celebration for the city. Donatella is looking for the perfect gift. Julian looks ridiculously handsome in green. And Legend...

Well, unfortunately Legend doesn't like the High Holiday very much. Tella hopes her perfect gift will change his mind. Unfortunately, she still hasn't found the perfect gift. But it's the day before the High Holidays... there's definitely some holiday magic floating around.

Welcome, welcome back to the world of Caraval, where even the holidays are not what they seem.

This delightful novel, set after Stephanie Garber's Caraval series, is a NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, and will take readers on the ultimate holiday adventure, filled with mechanical boys, poisoned candy, mischievous snow globes, joy and - if Tella can do it - love.

Author: Stephanie Garber

Format Physical - Softcover/Hardcover
Number of pages
Language English
Publication date

22 October 2024


Hodder & Stoughton

Gender Romance Fantasy, Young Adult, mystery, magic, curse

ISBN - Softcover

ISBN - Hardcover



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