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The Songbird and the Heart of Stone - Book 3 of Crowns of Nyaxia

The Songbird and the Heart of Stone - Book 3 of Crowns of Nyaxia

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Pre-Order. Published on November 19, 2024

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Mische lost everything when she was forcibly turned into a vampire - her home, her humanity and, most devastating of all, the love of the sun god to whom she had dedicated her life. Now, sentenced to death for murdering the vampire prince who transformed her, redemption seems impossible.

But when Mische is saved by Asar, the bastard prince of the House of Shadows with a past as brutal as his scars, she is forced into a mission worse than execution: a journey to the underworld to resurrect the god of death himself.

However, Mische's punishment may be the key to his salvation. In a secret meeting, his sun god orders him to help Asar in his mission, but to betray him... by killing the god of death.

Mische and Asar must travel the treacherous path to the underworld, facing trials, beasts and the vengeful ghosts of their pasts. But most dangerous of all is the seductive call of darkness - and its forbidden attraction to Asar, a growing bond that risks invoking the wrath of the gods.

As his betrayal draws near, the underworld closes in and the angry gods grow restless. Mische will be forced to choose between redemption from the sun or damnation from darkness.

Author: Carissa Broadbent

Format Physical - Soft and Hardcover
Number of pages 624
Language English
Publication date

November 19

Editor Pan Macmillan

9781035060962 (Hardcover Edges)

9781035050710 (Hardcover)

9781035050727 (Paperback)

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